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The Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color

If the United States is to thrive as a country, educators and communities must work together to develop the full potential of America's citizens. Despite the fact that the United States is losing ground in international comparisons of postsecondary attainment, particularly among the younger segment of the population and with respect to communities of color (College Board 2010), recent enrollment data provide hope.

New NEA Research Report Shows Potential Benefits of Arts Education for At-Risk Youth

Washington, DC -- At-risk students who have access to the arts in or out of school also tend to have better academic results, better workforce opportunities, and more civic engagement, according to a new NEA report, The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies.

Back-to-School Special: The Importance of Adolescent Sleep

After a restful summer, it's time for students to head back to school. Get used to hearing the echo of snooze alarms before the sun rises, and seeing teens waiting for busses in the darkness of the early morning.