Clarence Carter, MBA -- Chairman

Clarence R. Carter, a recently retired educator and entrepreneur, serves the GateWay Second Chance Foundation as Chair of the Board of Directors. His 45+ year span of management experience and educational background provide the unique leadership combination essential to bring the boarding school into fruition.

Starting out in the field of Human Services, Mr. Carter earned his B.A. in Social Work from Michigan State University and immediately began working with incarcerated male juvenile offenders in a Michigan residential treatment facility, later supervising and counseling those young men recently released to their communities. Seeing the severity of the educational deficits in his young charges and the need to intervene in the formal system of education on their behalf, Mr. Carter returned to Michigan State to earn a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. He subsequently joined the Grand Rapids Public School’s management team. While there, Mr. Carter worked with at-risk young men assuring that they were prepared to become gainfully employed as productive contributors to society through a Career and Vocational Education Program which he developed for underserved youth. Seeking to make an even greater contribution to the lives of underserved youth, Mr. Carter, a life-long learner, left the security of what he knew to enter the hallowed halls of the Harvard Business School. He thought it prudent that he gain a better understanding of the Business world and the opportunities it holds for qualified young men. He also saw this an opportunity to push forward the somewhat timid social agency approach to provision of service. After earning his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard, Mr. Carter earned his bona fides through increasingly responsible positions including financial analysis and budgeting, sales, marketing, and strategic planning, in renowned corporations including, Xerox, General Motors, Lear-Siegler, and Honeywell.

Along the way, Mr. Carter also found time to serve as adjunct professor of Business at DeVry Institute of Technology and Grand Valley State University, however, he never forgot the youth at-risk in our society and continued to seek ways to give back to the community by marrying the business and the educational worlds. In 2002, he returned to the field of education full time becoming Principal of a K-12 Christian School two years later, where he remained until his retirement in 2011.

“The mission and work of the Second Chance Foundation will be vitally important for interrupting the cycle of failure that mars the lives of so many at-risk, adolescent males by empowering them to become productive, contributing members of the community. And by doing so, we will greatly increase the likelihood that these future fathers and husbands will produce similarly empowered offspring and families: the cornerstone of a strong society.”

Clarence Carter

Donna Jean Carter, PHD -- President

Dr. Carter has demonstrated expertise in training teachers and in curriculum writing. She has held numerous administrative positions in public education at both district level as a School Superintendent and on the post-secondary level in the public and private community college settings and in private School of Ministry. She has also been an adjunct professor in several State Universities in CA and MN.

Dr. Carter has worked with reading disabled children and at-risk male incarcerated teenagers. She has authored 3 children’s primers and a wealth of professional educational articles, including her doctoral dissertation on the positive effects on high school students of experienced-based career education. She has traveled the world and knows the value of wide cultural exposure.

Dr. Carter was honored to serve as President of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, one of the largest international, professional education organizations. She has spoken at many national conferences including NSBA, NABSE, and ASCD. She holds teaching certifications in MI, MN, and SC.

Dr. Carter holds a BA, an MA and a PHD from Michigan State University and a second Master’s degree in Management and Human Resource Development from John F. Kennedy University.

“All students deserve a safe, healthy environment in which to learn and thrive. Too many of our at-risk young men are perched on the precipice of failure and have no safety net nor a ladder down. The reason they are in danger is really unimportant, whether they be homeless, in foster care or recently in trouble with the law. The solution is what is critical now. Frankly, it is in our society's best interest to rescue these young men from continuing down a path leading to becoming a permanent burden to society. We must help them to understand their value and become productive community contributors, raising productive families for generations to come. Those of us with the means, the knowhow and the will must come together with an urgency to make a difference in the lives of these at-risk young men.”

Dr. Donna Jean Carter