The many challenges facing our at-risk boys cannot be overcome without your support. Thank you for your help. Your donation will be used to give them a second chance.

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You may also donate by mail. Please click the DONATION FORM button below. Complete the form online, print it, and send it along with your check or money order donation. Mail it to:

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    GateWay Second Chance Foundation, Inc.
    6368 Coventry Way Suite #254
    Clinton, MD 20735
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    (301) 332-1969
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Types of Donations

We welcome all donations within the following guidelines:

Gifts to The Foundation may take a variety of forms. Outright gifts may be made by living donors or entities. Bequests or testamentary gifts that take effect upon the donor’s death are acceptable. Deferred or split-interest gifts, upon approval by The Foundation, are acceptable.

The following are examples of the types of contributions that are acceptable to The Foundation:

Cash. The organization may accept outright cash gifts in any amount, preferably in the form of checks. Gifts made to establish a restricted use fund must meet the minimum funding requirements set as determined by the Board. A donor may establish a fund in a single transaction, or agree to build the restricted use fund over a period of time mutually acceptable to the donor and The Foundation.

Publicly-Traded Securities. The Foundation may accept gifts of publicly-traded stocks and bonds at fair market values as determined under Internal Revenue Service rules. Gifts of publicly-traded securities will generally be sold as soon as possible, and will be credited to the donor with the proceeds from the sale, after commissions and expenses, if any.

Tangible Personal Property. Tangible personal property may be accepted as a gift, provided that (i) such property is saleable and (ii) the donor agrees that the property can be sold at the discretion of The Foundation. The donor is responsible for obtaining a qualified appraisal prior to completing the gift, if a receipt or statement for a tax deduction is requested. Gifts of tangible property may be used for the purposes set forth in The Foundation’s mission.

Life Insurance Policies. The Foundation may accept gifts of life insurance policies, provided that The Foundation and the donor reach a prior written agreement about arrangements for the payment of any required premiums.

Real Property. All proposed gifts of real estate must be evaluated and satisfy due diligence requirements of The Foundation.

Closely-Held Stock and Partnership Interests. All proposed gifts of closely-held stock and partnership interests must be evaluated and satisfy due diligence requirements of The Foundation.

The Foundation reserves the right to refuse any proposed gift. Gifts to The Foundation may not be directly or indirectly subjected by a donor to any material restriction or condition that would prevent the organization from freely and effectively using such gifts or the income derived therefrom, in furtherance of its exempt purposes or values.

Any information supplied to The Foundation by a donor will be used solely to fulfill the donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information. All requests to remain anonymous shall be honored.