Words from the Board

The GWSC board members express in their own words that challenge that we face giving our young men a second chance.

Clarence Carter

“The mission and work of the Second Chance Foundation will be vitally important for interrupting the cycle of failure that mars the lives of so many at-risk, adolescent males by empowering them to become productive, contributing members of the community. And by doing so, we will greatly increase the likelihood that these future fathers and husbands will produce similarly empowered offspring and families: the cornerstone of a strong society.”

Dr. Donna Jean Carter

“All students deserve a safe, healthy environment in which to learn and thrive. Too many of our at-risk young men are perched on the precipice of failure and have no safety net nor a ladder down. The reason they are in danger is really unimportant, whether they be homeless, in foster care or recently in trouble with the law. The solution is what is critical now. Frankly, it is in our society's best interest to rescue these young men from continuing down a path leading to becoming a permanent burden to society. We must help them to understand their value and become productive community contributors, raising productive families for generations to come. Those of us with the means, the knowhow and the will must come together with an urgency to make a difference in the lives of these at-risk young men.”

Darryl McSwain

“As a police officer for nearly three decades, I can attest with great certainty that the only differences between me and the youth I have come across in the criminal justice system is in fact God, education, and loving parents. Unfortunately, no child can choose the environment into which they are born…thus the importance of the GateWay Academy. The GateWay Academy helps to provide youth with a second chance to realize their full potential, reestablish their foundation, and add credibility to their name. There is no greater work than to be involved in the betterment of another person’s life.”

Judy Carter

“One of the major issues that is challenging society is losing the determination and persistence of the young males to become productive members of society and serve as role models for future generations. The mission of GateWay Second Chance Foundation is critically needed to provide an avenue for young males [12 to 16 years old] to have a second chance to build their educational competencies during these difficult times. It is a unique opportunity to offer individualized support to increase their educational deficiencies in reading and math, as well as character building through fun activities during the summer, and participation in a mentoring program.”

Alfred LaGarde

“Everybody deserves to have a chance, and for some of us it takes more than one. My goal as a member of the board of GateWay Second Chance Foundation is to play whatever small part I can to see our at-risk young men get that chance or chances to 'get it'. What is 'it'? The realization that they can be fully functioning and productive members of their family, their community, and the society they live in. To come to this realization requires a nurturing and instructive environment where they can learn. That is what I am here to support.”

Marcia B. LoBrano, MD, MPH

“My life was profoundly shaped by the words and example of my father-a strong man, a man’s man. His investment in my natural and spiritual development equipped me for the realities of being a woman of color in a biased world. He reminded me that my walk was the continuation of a history which has demonstrated strength and courage in the midst of inordinate pressure. I know that our young men are profoundly gifted and are enduring tremendous challenges. My desire is to help create an environment wherein their gifts, talents and abilities can be cultivated so that they live strong lives and continue our historical walk. Strong men create strong families. Strong families create strong communities. Strong communities create strong men. We are responsible.”