GateWay Second Chance mission

Secure a safe, stable, community-based environment for at-risk youth needing a second chance to become contributing members of society by securing their future through education and life skills training.


Extract, surround, & shield at-risk adolescent males in a safe, stable environment to learn and grow [thrive]


Provide a second chance to achieve success with academic and counseling support; where failure is not an option


Prepared for college, skilled in a craft, equipped with life skills and readied for a bright future

Words from the Board

Hear in their own words why each Director is personally committed to carrying out the purpose for which the GateWay Second Chance Foundation was created.

Clarence Carter

“The mission and work of the Second Chance Foundation will be vitally important for interrupting the cycle of failure that mars the lives of so many at-risk, adolescent males by empowering them to become productive, contributing members of the community. And by doing so, we will greatly increase the likelihood that these future fathers and husbands will produce similarly empowered offspring and families: the cornerstone of a strong society.”

Dr. Donna Jean Carter

“All students deserve a safe, healthy environment in which to learn and thrive. Too many of our at-risk young men are perched on the precipice of failure and have no safety net nor a ladder down. The reason they are in danger is really unimportant, whether they be homeless, in foster care or recently in trouble with the law. The solution is what is critical now. Frankly, it is in our society's best interest to rescue these young men from continuing down a path leading to becoming a permanent burden to society. We must help them to understand their value and become productive community contributors, raising productive families for generations to come. Those of us with the means, the knowhow and the will must come together with an urgency to make a difference in the lives of these at-risk young men.”

Darryl McSwain

“As a police officer for nearly three decades, I can attest with great certainty that the only differences between me and the youth I have come across in the criminal justice system is in fact God, education, and loving parents. Unfortunately, no child can choose the environment into which they are born…thus the importance of the GateWay Academy. The GateWay Academy helps to provide youth with a second chance to realize their full potential, reestablish their foundation, and add credibility to their name. There is no greater work than to be involved in the betterment of another person’s life.”

Shelby Jackson

“I grew up watching young people walk around with no hope of every overcoming their environment and situations. They could not see a way out and no one told them that there was a way out. I was blessed in that my family taught me that I was not my environment. They told me that I was smart and capable of being much more than I could see with my natural eyes. They encouraged me to be diligent and to always do my best. It is my job to encourage someone else. It is my job to show young people that they can be successful. It is my job to teach young people that they are not their environment and they are not the negative stereotypes they see on television. Our children can find success through education, training and life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives and at the end, find hope.”

Judy Carter

“One of the major issues that is challenging society is losing the determination and persistence of the young males to become productive members of society and serve as role models for future generations. The mission of GateWay Second Chance Foundation is critically needed to provide an avenue for at-risk young males to have a second chance during these difficult times. It is a unique opportunity to offer a combination of education, character building, and mentoring in a structured boarding school system to guide them on a pathway to success.”

Alfred LaGarde

“Everybody deserves to have a chance, and for some of us it takes more than one. My goal as a member of the board of GateWay Second Chance Foundation is to play whatever small part I can to see our at-risk young men get that chance or chances to “get it”. What is “it”? The realization that they can be fully functioning and productive members of their family, their community, and the society they live in. To come to this realization requires a nurturing and instructive environment where they can learn. That is what I am here to support.”

Lori Donoho

“Growing up in a community of educators taught me that the condition of a child's birth does not determine his value to society, capacity to learn nor does his past determine destiny. The work of Gateway Second Chance Foundation and Academy continues this legacy of hope for the future. We have the opportunity to establish a sanctuary where young men will be able to thrive and develop their skills, talents, and abilities, to become examples of good character, conduct and commitment for others to follow.”

Yvette Hawkins-Moaney

“There is a disproportionate number of minority youth in the juvenile justice system, which leads to an alarming number of minority youth becoming life-long criminal offenders. It is mandatory that we get involved to first keep at-risk youth out of the justice system, however, if they do become a part of that system, that they have the opportunity to make good on life, and in life. The chance to make a difference in the lives of these youth is now, and begins with each one of us to do something. Being a positive role model, and insuring that they have what they need to succeed is our responsibility.”

Marcia B. LoBrano, MD, MPH

“My life was profoundly shaped by the words and example of my father-a strong man, a man’s man. His investment in my natural and spiritual development equipped me for the realities of being a woman of color in a biased world. He reminded me that my walk was the continuation of a history which has demonstrated strength and courage in the midst of inordinate pressure. I know that our young men are profoundly gifted and are enduring tremendous challenges. My desire is to help create an environment wherein their gifts, talents and abilities can be cultivated so that they live strong lives and continue our historical walk. Strong men create strong families. Strong families create strong communities. Strong communities create strong men. We are responsible.”

Tyrone Williamson


The GateWay Academy

Every youth can learn and each young person deserves an opportunity to learn in a safe, healthy environment. Effective schools are those having a strong instructional leader, a focused dedicated staff, a warm, caring environment and one that uses assessment results to continuously shape the curriculum for the individual learner.

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The Academic Experience

This college preparatory program is a year- around, rigorous, individualized course of instruction that exceeds State Core curriculum standards. Academic support and high expectations underscore the commitment that failure is not an option.

Personal & Employment Development

Students are provided individualized and group school and personal/family counseling in addition to life and employability skills coaching. Opportunity for pre-apprentice trade instruction is also provided.

Recreational Opportunities

A wide variety of cultural and in-door recreational activities, are balanced with opportunities for outdoor camping and competitive team and individualized sports to promote physical fitness.

Living Environment

Within a secure, caring, home-like atmosphere, the youth can relax and enjoy family meals. Individual health and dental needs are addressed and opportunities to grow Spiritually are provided.

Grant Policy

Events of GateWay Second Chance Foundation and partner organizations adhere to this grant policy.

The Foundation invests resources in the GateWay Academy, a college preparatory boarding school and other specific initiatives that complement our approach to strengthening at-risk youth. We focus on strategic partnerships that we develop to enhance the impact of our programs. Given this grant-making strategy, we regret that we are unable to review or consider unsolicited grant proposals.

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Get Involved

Those of us with the means, the knowhow and the will, must come together with an urgency to make a difference in the lives of these at-risk young men.

Career Opportunities

Are you searching for a rewarding career in a place where you can learn, grow, and really make a difference? Look no further. Learn more about the positions available at GateWay.


Have a special talent or skill? Your gift of service is important, necessary and sufficient. Come share it with GateWay Youth. You’ll be glad you did!


We at GateWay would love to stay in touch with you and promise not to over-communicate. Write, call or email us as often as you like. We’re delighted to answer your questions and share the latest news about the work of the Foundation.

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